Your Pet's Accommodation

See our purpose-built building, bespoke hutches, & spacious runs

Safe & Secure

Our building is in a quiet and safe neighbourhood, and has the benefit of high security locks and hinges. Rats and other animals in their own cages are usually housed in our home.


Double skinned, insulated, and secondary glazed to keep your rabbits and guinea pigs warm in the winter and cool in the summer. During the coldest months it is also gently heated.

Outdoor Runs

Carefully designed to give your rabbits and guinea pigs hours of safe outside fun. Our spacious runs are hard topped to give shade in the summer and cover when wet. In addition each run has its own shelter house for when your pet wants privacy.

Clever Design

Our hutches have been carefully designed with flexible features such as removable partitions to create double sized hutches, all built with the sole purpose of comfortably housing your rabbits and guinea pigs.